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Tallahassee! What a great city. As a student, you are always meeting new people, thousands of new freshmen start every year. Maybe you are one of the new freshmen. Either way, you never know what your fellow students have been up to before you met them, or even after. Campus Mugshots provides daily reports on last night’s arrests. You can even search the archive of classic mugshot photos. Make sure you like our Facebook page to have the great content delivered directly to your news feed.

You’re a student, you’re just having fun, and sometimes you make mistakes. We don’t want those mistakes to negatively affect internships, job opportunities, scholarships, etc.
If you or someone you know ends up on this site:
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2. If the person in the mugshot was a friend, have them send us a message too.
Prove to us that you’re a student and we’ll do our best to remove your mugshot from not only our page but other pages as well.