Student protection kit

SeekerDNA Student Protection Kit


Protect yourself with the SeekerDNA Student Protection Kit!

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Product Description

Each Kit consists of a can of Self-Defense Spray, a pack of Test Your Drink, a tube of SeekerDNA solution with a brush applicator, and a unique DNA code.


It also contains a UV flashlight(so that you can see your valuables have been properly marked) Warning Stickers for both windows and individual items (to deter thieves from attempting to take items), an instruction sheet advising the best way to mark your property and finally, details of how to register your details on our secure database.


About the items included:

  • The SeekerDNA “Mark Your Assailant” Self-Defense Spray has been specifically designed to provide maximum 4-in-1 powerful deterrence from attack; to alert assistance and mark and identify an attacker. To create an unpleasant and threatening environment for any would-be attacker and “encourage” them to leave!

  • Each of the “Test Your Drink” Date Rape Drug Detector packs contain 5 x SeekerTYD test strips. The litmus-like test strips contain an agent that detects the minimal standard dosages of Ketamine and GHB (common date rape drugs) and changes color when in contact with either of these drugs.

  • The SeekerDNA Solution and unique DNA code are perfect for marking PCs, laptops, TVs and other valuable possessions. If possessions are stolen then it becomes critical that police are able to easily identify it as stolen, identify it as yours and bring the thief to justice.

Additional Information

Dimensions 24.5 x 20.5 x 4.6 cm