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SeekerDNA 4-in-1 “Mark Your Assailant” Self-Defense Spray


Reduce the risk of personal attack with SeekerDNA’s UV and DNA Defense Spray with siren and odor.

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Product Description

Personal attacks, muggings and worse are committed on an almost daily basis. In extreme cases, attacks can be fatal. But you can help prevent such attacks from ever taking place with the police-approved SeekerDNA Self-Defense Spray Kit; an advanced weapon in crime prevention.  The SeekerDNA Self-Defense Spray has been specifically designed to provide maximum 4-in-1 powerful deterrence from attack; to alert assistance and mark and identify an attacker. To create an unpleasant and threatening environment for any would-be attacker and “encourage” them to leave!


Anyone carrying the spray kit is able to mark offenders with a solution of unique DNA code and UV marker that’s invisible to the naked eye and almost impossible to remove. The solution is easily identifiable under UV light, and irrefutably links criminals with crimes. Knowing that an attack on someone carrying a defense spray kit comes with a higher rate of conviction, criminals are less likely to commit the crime in the first place – drastically reducing incidents of theft and attack.


When used the Self-Defense Spray emits an ear piercing 100+ dB siren alarm which in addition to disorientating an attacker, is a powerful Call for Help.


A powerful, foul-smelling odor acts to further discourage an assailant.


How to use the SeekerDNA Self-Defense Spray


Press down on the Cap and shake the Alarm. This increases the discharge rate of the DNA and UV markers and intensifies the dispersal of the odor.


Aim the spray at the attacker and mark them with a discreet, unique DNA formula. The spray mist contains an Ultra Violet marker which leaves no obvious signs, but shows up clearly under a UV flashlight, like those used by the Police and so aids rapid identification. The unique DNA code clings to them for weeks until their skin completes the skin tissue regeneration process, greatly increasing the chance of conviction because Police will use it to link perpetrators unequivocally to the scene.

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Dimensions 245 x 205 x 46 cm